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James Bland NEAC Structure and Abstraction in Flowers In Oils

9th,10th May 2020 Intermediate/Advanced

As well as being a fascinating subject in its own right, flower painting from life is an ideal complement to portrait and landscape practice. Like these other genres, it focuses on unique organic subjects that present changes over time and has a similar need for painterly summarisation realised in the moment.

On this new course you will use oil paint and charcoal to understand and form responses to the structural and abstract properties of flowers, using full-bodied oil paint to create work that has impact and power. By pursuing shape and colour as far as possible towards abstraction, the focus will move from the detail of the subject to the essential elements.

There will be particular attention in the teaching on the representation of falling light, as well as how to summarise complexity in broad strokes. The tutor will demonstrate each stage of the process and there will be one-to-one tuition at other times during the course.

This course is recommended for intermediate and advanced students. Fresh flowers will be provided for each day’s painting, and it’s envisioned that at least four paintings and one drawing will be made by each painter. Colman Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7HA


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