Antony Williams RP NEAC Portrait Drawing 
2nd-3rd April 2022   Drawing Media 

A two day portrait drawing course designed to support individual interests and all abilities; and an opportunity to draw from a portrait model with demonstrations by the tutor. There will be  advice on drawing materials , mark making, capturing a likeness and working with line and tone. Over the two days there  will be a combination of short poses  which will be followed by  longer poses in the afternoon , to enable the students to produce a more sustained drawing.

 £180                                             Hindolveston NR20 5BU                                                               

All Levels 


Andrew James RP NEAC Portrait Painting In Oil

14th,15th May 2022  Oil Painting 

This intensive portrait painting workshop is for a small group of students, allowing time for personal guidance to develop individual’s skills in accordance to their ability. The course is built around aspects of expressive portraiture. Disciplined observational work will be pursued whilst looking to simultaneously develop the formal qualities of oil paint in order for it to become a more explicitly descriptive medium.

 £195                                          Hindolveston NR20 5BU   




Finding a composition and building a painting  

Tom Stevenson ROI                      

3rd 4th June 2023 Oil Painting


A solid composition is the foundation of a good painting, yet often choosing a composition from the almost unlimited possibilities in front of us can be a difficult decision, affecting the outcome before we even begin painting.  


This two day course will look at how to identify a composition and how to take this forward to become a finished painting. We’ll start by focussing on drawing and using other dry mediums to practice techniques that help in finding and isolating a compositional idea before moving on to develop this in to a finished painting on day two.  

 £180                                                 Hindolveston NR20 5BU                                               


Early morning honfleur.jpg
Simon James - Copy.JPG

Ian Rowlands Painting From Observation

23rd 24th July  Oil Painting

The course will introduce students to strategies for working with observed colour through the adoption of primary colour triads.

This will focus on the key shifts in colour perceived when working from observation

To facilitate this, students will experiment with structured mixing exercises prior to working from still life set ups. These will explore:


• Relativity of tone – employing a greyscale made from primaries and applied to a subject

• Hue change - following changing colour sensations within the chosen subject

• Saturation – looking at relative levels of colour purity



The aim of the exercises is to empower the students. 

  £170                                               Hindolveston NR20 5BU                   

All Levels 

Roger Dellar Plein Air 
20th,21st,22nd August 2022  Oil Painting

The North Norfolk Coast is a wonderful subject. Roger Dellar is able to capture the essence of a scene
and allow the viewer to experience the light and mood of the day.
During this three day course Roger will demonstrate how to select and interpret a scene in a period of
up to 2 hours, recording the essentials in one phase of light and tide. This workshop will also allow you
to develop and improve the crucial techniques when working en plein air. Locations will include Wells
Next The sea, Morston and Blakeney.
The course is suitable for beginners and those who would like to develop techniques or improve their
individual style. The subject will be addressed and explored as a group and through one to one
guidance in a relaxed and friendly manner.
The course is suitable for beginners and those who would like to develop techniques

  £260                                Wells Next the Sea, Morston, Blakeney                      

All Levels 

Alex Fowler Plein Air 
10th,11th,12th September 2022  Oil Painting

Over the three days we will address how to view the landscape as a painter. Students will be encouraged to work on quick “Alla Prima” paintings as a means of investigating how to make meaningful and highly charged paintings of the landscape in a short time and will develop a working method that allows them to be open to the numerous possible directions that a painting might take. We will work on number of canvases at once to encourage experimentation, and the surprise of the happy accident. Venues Blakeney, Cley, Sheringham.  

“The artist does not draw what he sees, but what he must make others see.” ~ Edgar Degas, Notebooks

  £260                                Blakeney, Cley, Sheringham                      

All Levels 


Merrie Curtiss-Fuller Portrait Drawing and Painting
1st 2nd October    OIls

During the course we will be working from the model to explore structure, likeness, picture construction, proportion and drawing and painting techniques. Working in oils we will look at colour, tone and form. I will look to refine and strengthen the students’ ability to select and record what’s essential to the artist when drawing a portrait.

This workshop is for a small group of students, allowing time for personal guidance to develop individual’s skills in accordance to their ability.

  £110                                                                                                  Hindolveston NR20 5BU               

All Levels 

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