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Painting A Clothed Figure

Anastasia Pollard  
11th 12th February 2023   Oil Painting

During this workshop we will explore the clothed figure, focusing on achieving a likeness through the careful observation of essential shapes and accurate tonal and colour relationships. We will also be pushing the painting beyond a “head study” by understanding how the background relates to the figure, harmonising the colour values of the clothing with the portrait while expressing the contrast of textures.

   £190                                                                                              Hindolveston NR20 5DD                                                               



Portrait Painting in Oils

Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco  
11th 12th March 2023   Oil Painting

The workshop will start with a demo and an explanation about materials and how to put together a palette that works for each student. We will also discuss how to “read” the temperature of the light and the way this affects colour mixing, as well as talking about composition, the tonal scale and chromatic harmony.

We will then start to work directly in oils on canvas, without preparatory drawings. Students will be encouraged to produce two or three studies during the workshop: the emphasis is not on “finishing” the portrait but on the process of recording their observation on light and form.

 £190                                                                                         Hindolveston NR20 5DD                                                               



IMG_9295 (1).jpg

Life Painting In Oils

Adele Wagstaff 

22nd 23rd April 2023  Oil Painting 

The course will cover all aspects of making a well composed painting of the nude, from drawing to setting up, colour-mixing, and exploring how tone and colour temperature can be used to describe the structure, shape, form and anatomy of the human body. Our model will hold one sustained pose throughout the two days, 

Through drawing, and the making of a small-scale tonal study participants will begin to refine their ideas of composition before beginning to work on a painting using the extended palette. We will introduce basic colour theory, mixing and laying-out a palette. There will be one-to-one tuition throughout the two days, alongside group discussions as we look at how all the paintings are progressing, and the course will end with a group discussion as we look at each others’ work.

£190                                                                               Hindolveston NR20 5DD   



Navigating Perceived Colour  

Ian Rowlands                      

20th 21st May 2023 Oil Painting


A 2-day workshop working with primary triads and restricted palettes with the aim of developing an understanding of the key functions or attributes of colours within the palette. Together, we will explore relativity of tone, hue, saturation and temperature.

Working with restricted palettes can help foster an intuitive and unprejudiced approach to identifying and translating observed colour. The workshop will begin with structured exercises before working from still life set ups. 

 £170                                                                                               Hindolveston NR20 5DD                                               



Finding a composition and building a painting  

Tom Stevenson ROI                      

3rd 4th June 2023 Oil Painting


A solid composition is the foundation of a good painting, yet often choosing a composition from the almost unlimited possibilities in front of us can be a difficult decision, affecting the outcome before we even begin painting.  


This two day course will look at how to identify a composition and how to take this forward to become a finished painting. We’ll start by focussing on drawing and using other dry mediums to practice techniques that help in finding and isolating a compositional idea before moving on to develop this in to a finished painting on day two.  

  £180                                               Hindolveston NR20 5DD                   

All Levels 

 Plein Air Landscape Painting

Alex Fowler 
24th 25th 26th June 2023  Oil Painting

Over the three days we will address how to view the landscape as a painter. Students will be encouraged to work on quick “Alla Prima” paintings as a means of investigating how to make meaningful and highly charged paintings of the landscape in a short time and will develop a working method that allows them to be open to the numerous possible directions that a painting might take. We will work on number of canvases at once to encourage experimentation, and the surprise of the happy accident. Venues Blakeney, Cley, Sheringham.  

“The artist does not draw what he sees, but what he must make others see.” ~ Edgar Degas, Notebooks




All Levels 

Still Life Painting In Oils

Claire Haward NEAC 
8th, 9th July 2023 

An intermediate/advanced two-day still life oil painting workshop in which we will look beyond the objects and focus on the pictorial possibilities of our set up. Clare will introduce a series of exercises encouraging students to see differently and discover the abstract qualities of our compositions. Considering core elements such as tone, line, light and shadow, colour relationships and edge quality, we will explore ways to represent what we see with paint and work towards a finished painting.

  £170                                                                                                      Hindolveston NR20 5DD



Contempory Portrait in Acrylic, Watercolour, Ink, Gouache

Jennifer McRae  
15th, 16th July 2023 

Under Jennifers guidance, students will produce two portraits in water based paints. Students will initially produce a range of quick preliminary sketches. A portrait will then be produced using these studies as a basis. Jennifer will advise and guide individuals in their choices of materials and approach. The second day students will explore pose and composition from their vantage point. They may also select an alternative media. This exciting course is an intensive two days that offers a high level of tutor contact time.

  £180                                                                                                      Hindolveston NR20 5DD

All Levels 

Sails and Cattle on the Broads 16in x 24in.jpg

Studio Landscape In Oils

Graham Webber ROI
9th 10th September 2023 

In this two day course you will discover how artist Graham Webber approaches landscape painting in the studio. From conception of the initial ideas, through design and composition you will discover a simplified painting process that will make it easier to achieve successful landscape oil paintings. Throughout the course we will discuss tonal values, colour mixing, composition, brushwork along with materials and techniques. We will also find out the value of preliminary sketches, photographs and plein air paintings as preparation for final studio pieces. This course is suitable for artists with some experience in drawing and painting in oil.

  £180                                                                                                  Hindolveston NR20 5DD

All Levels 

Simon James - Copy.JPG
DSCN6642 (1)_edited.jpg
DSCN6642 (1)_edited.jpg
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Portrait Painting In Oils

Andrew James RP NEAC 
23rd 24th September  2023  

This intensive portrait painting workshop is for a small group of students, allowing time for personal guidance to develop individual’s skills in accordance to their ability. The course is built around aspects of expressive portraiture. Disciplined observational work will be pursued whilst looking to simultaneously develop the formal qualities of oil paint in order for it to become a more explicitly descriptive medium.

  £210                                                                                                 Hindolveston NR20 5DD               


Merrie Curtiss-Fuller Portrait Drawing and Painting
14th 15th October 2023    OIls

During the course we will be working from the model to explore structure, likeness, picture construction, proportion and drawing and painting techniques. Working in oils we will look at colour, tone and form. I will look to refine and strengthen the students’ ability to select and record what’s essential to the artist when drawing a portrait.

This workshop is for a small group of students, allowing time for personal guidance to develop individual’s skills in accordance to their ability.

  £130                                                                                                  Hindolveston NR20 5DD              

All Levels 

Oil Painting for Beginners Merrie Curtiss-Fuller

10 weeks Mondays 10-12 

This is the perfect course for beginners and for those who would like to improve their basic skills or are new to oil painting. Students will enjoy a structured course, enabling them to learn about colour, tone, texture and form.

This course aims to foster self-confidence and enjoyment of painting in a friendly environment. Working through a series of topics you will gain experience and skills in working from still life and landscape, as well as exploring a more creative approach to painting helping you establish your own style and identity.

Dates :- March 6, 13, 20, 27,  April 24, May 8, 15, 22, June 5, 12

  £190                                                                                                Hindolveston NR20 5DD              

Oil Painting Intermediate and Advanced

 Merrie Curtiss-Fuller

10 weeks Mondays 1-3 

This course is for those who have had some experience using oil paint, but with to develop their skills further. Students will enjoy a structured course, with set topics to explore such as still Life, colour, markmaking. Within these topics we will develop skills in an individualized way.

You will have the freedom to develop you work based on your own interests, which will help you establish your own style and identity.

Dates :- March 6, 13, 20, 27,  April 24, May 8, 15, 22, June 5, 12
  £190                                                                                                Hindolveston NR20 5DD              


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