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Figure Painting with Palette Knife

James Bland   
1st 2nd June 2024   Oil Painting

Day one: demonstration and short poses using a combination of brush and knife technique. We’ll look at what can be achieved with different kinds of edges and textures.

Day two: whole day pose using mainly the palette knife to build up and scrape back, losing and regaining control of the image, building up a better understanding of the form through successive applications.

  £190                                                                                              Hindolveston NR20 5DD                                                               




Portrait Drawing

Mark Chen  
13th 14th April 2024   Drawing

This course will focus on developing an introductory understanding for the basic structure and proportion of a portrait and hands, followed by a discussion around composition and rhythm. We will experiment with a range of drawing materials, such as charcoal pencil, willow charcoal and liquid charcoal toner. There will be demonstrations at the beginning of each session with a compositional study on the first day and a long continuing pose for the rest of the course.

 £240                                                                                         Hindolveston NR20 5DD                                                               




Portrait Painting Masterclass in Oils

Anastasia Pollard   
27th 28th April 2024

A two day portrait painting workshop where we will work on one portrait from start to finish through a highly structured approach. The focus will be on how to achieve likeness through drawing with paint, careful observation of the flow of light and how it reveals form and precision with colour mixing.  

  £210                                                                                              Hindolveston NR20 5DD                                                               




Colour relativity and interaction 

Ian Rowlands                      

11th 12th May 2024 Oil Painting

During this two-day workshop, working with various restricted palettes, applied to one subject, you will learn how to organise your palette to foster an intuitive approach to understanding and translating perceived colour. Through demonstrations and discussion and experiment we will explore how to bring unity and harmony to your paintings and how the attributes of certain chosen pigments can help establish a theme or mood.  Each day will offer an opportunity to experiment with colour mixing, composition and mark making whilst working from the subject.

 £170                                                                              Hindolveston NR20 5DD                                               




Alla Prima Portrait Sketch

Patrick Byrnes 3 Days

22nd 23rd 24th June 2024  Oil Painting

In this three-day workshop, artists will learn to create alla prima portrait paintings that evince
the beauty and humanity of the model with freshness, sensitivity, and lively de
tail. Using a
lucid step-by-step approach, participants will paint three portrait sketches of live models using a limited palette of six colors. Patrick will guide artists with daily demonstrations and comprehensive personalized critiques through each stage of the process – from creating a strong likeness with accurate drawing, to color mixing, modeling form and finishing details.
Cranial anatomy, materials, paint handling, and the physics of light will also be discussed
throughout each session. While this workshop is mainly geared towards painters with some previous experience in oils, artists who prefer to create portrait drawings in graphite or charc
oal are also encouraged to participate.


£370                                                     Hindolveston NR20 5DD



Life Painting in Oils

Adele Wagstaff
29th 30th June 2024 

This course will cover all aspects of making a well composed painting of the nude, from drawing to setting up, colour-mixing, and exploring how tone and colour temperature can be used to describe the structure, shape, form and anatomy of the human body. Our model will hold one pose throughout the two days to enable the making of either sustained drawings or an oil painting of the figure.


Through drawing and the making of a small-scale tonal study participants will begin to refine their ideas of composition before beginning to work on a painting using the expended palette. We will introduce basic colour theory, mixing and laying-out a palette. There will be one-to-one tuition throughout the two days, alongside group discussions as we look at how all the paintings are progressing, and the course will end with a group discussion as we look at each others’ work.

  £ 190                                                                                                     Hindolveston NR20 5DD




Three Day - Painting Plein Air Landscapes in Oils

Tom Stevenson 
20th, 21st, 22nd July 2024 

Painting outside and working from life is both an exciting and challenging experience. The feeling of finding a subject and getting to work, creating a painting on the spot is hard to beat, and these paintings often have a feeling of originality and freshness it is hard to replicate.

Over three days this practical course will cover a range of aspects of working outside, including kit, materials, colour, tone, drawing and techniques for working fast to respond to changing light and weather.

Venues - Blakeney day 1, Morston day 2 and 3. Our base will be Morston Village Hall.

  £280                                                                                            Blakeney, Morston.


Colour and Shape in Nature - Painting Plants in Oils

Claire Haward


27th 28th July 2024 Oil Painting

An intermediate/advanced two-day still life oil painting workshop in which we will focus on the pictorial possibilities of plants. Clare will introduce a series of exercises encouraging students to see differently and discover the abstract qualities of our compositions. Considering core elements such as tone, line, light and shadow, colour relationships and edge quality, we will explore ways to represent what we see with paint and work towards a finished painting. Please note, this is not a course in botanical illustration!

  £170                                                                             Hindolveston NR20 5DD                   


Exploring the Still Life - Drawing and Oils

Jason Line
7th 8th September 2024

A two day workshop designed for for those interested in working solely from observation and to further develop their understanding of drawing and painting concerns such as tone, colour, composition, space, proportion and perspective.
Students will be invited to draw and paint an array of different still life set-ups of their choice from fruit, vegetables and flowers to ceramic pots, glassware and other household objects.
This workshop is suitable for students of all levels.

  £160                                                                                                  Hindolveston NR20 5DD

All Levels 

Portrait Painting In Oils

Andrew James RP NEAC 
14th 15th September  2024

This intensive portrait painting workshop is for a small group of students, allowing time for personal guidance to develop individual’s skills in accordance to their ability. The course is built around aspects of expressive portraiture. Disciplined observational work will be pursued whilst looking to simultaneously develop the formal qualities of oil paint in order for it to become a more explicitly descriptive medium.

  £220                                                                                                 Hindolveston NR20 5DD               


Portrait Painting Masterclass with Demonstrations

Anastasia Pollard RP  Oil Painting  
19th 20th 21st October  2024

A three day portrait painting Masterclass where we will work on one portrait from start to finish through a highly structured approach. The focus will be on how to achieve likeness through drawing with paint, careful observation of the flow of light and how it reveals form and precision with colour mixing.  There will be both demonstrations of both portrait painting and colour mixing.

  £220                                                                                                 Hindolveston NR20 5DD               


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